AE-2040 Rapidup Sail Segel

AE2040 Rapidup Sail

Ein sehr leichtes und kompaktes Rückenwindsegel. Es kann leicht vom Boot aus montiert werden. Für alle AE Luftkayaks geeignet.

Have you ever had a strong wind to your back and wished you had a sail to help you along the way? The RapidUp™ Sail is a compact, portable, and easy to set up down-wind sail that rapidly deploys and quickly stows flat on the deck of your kayak. The unique shape of this sail is specially designed to conform to kayak decks and uses a built in non-corroding “spring” frame that gives the RapidUp™ the ability to “spring” open. Made of high quality, durable rip-stop sail cloth; this sail has adjustable attachments, quick connecting lanyards, d-rings, and a carabiner for easy attachment to multiple deck configurations. So the next time you are out paddling with a good tail wind, just remember, with a quick flip of the RapidUp™ Sail, you will have that extra push to get you to your next destination.


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